Podcasting Services

Our unique split table design makes our podcast studio perfect for recording video with your audio. We have four Rode Procaster Microphones, each individually processed for peak vocal recording. Each mic station is equipped with a ZCam E2C 4K Digital Cinema Camera for top quality video live streaming. If you are so inclined, you can bring your laptop and plug in – and walk out with your raw file, or have us engineer your session. After editing, (if needed) we will upload it to your platform, or if you plan on podcasting with us for the long term, you can post on our ROC Vox Podcast Network which has over 100K downloads.

ROC Vox was the first purpose-built podcast studio in Western NY. Our podcast studio has evolved into a studio that is perfect for the solo host podcast, remote podcasts and multiple guests alike. Each microphone is recorded separately as well as mixed together for ultimate post-production creativity. Book one of our packages or call to discuss your needs.