Studios & Equipment


The use of whisper clips and hat channel has created our ‘floating walls’ soundproofing design. Add some rock wool insulation and mass-loaded vinyl plus Auralex room kits and our Voice Over room is quiet and perfect for your project. Capture the dulcet tones of your voice with our Neumann TLM-103 Condenser microphone. (Source Connect & Phone Patch Capable for remote recording/ Direction)

VOX Cast – Podcast Studio

4 Rode Procaster Professional Dynamic Microphones with PS-A1 Studio arms and shock mounts provide you quality sound. They each run through a dbx 286s Preamp-Compressor/Gate and DeEsser making sure it sounds a polished as a radio show!

 All of this is mixed down in our Behringer Xenyx X1222USB Mixer – which has assignable effects just in case you want to get all crazy with reverb or echo!

Control your sound effects or switch cameras with the Elgato Stream Deck!We designed this studio to make podcasting super fun, but also very efficient,so you are not bogged down with too much editing!