The Daily Blathering: I Want To Be a Time Tourist


  • When I was a young lass, I was convinced (and maybe still am) that I died on the Titanic. (This was long before the J.Cameron movie, so I wasn’t jumping on the bandwagon.) I have always been drawn to that story, so who knows? If past lives are a thing, maybe I did go down with the ship. (I mean, what’s up with meeting people that you are SURE you’ve met before, but you haven’t? That has to be a past-lives things, right?) Anyway, my time-travel plans would include: Visiting Laura and Pa Ingalls on that wide-open prairie. Drinking hooch at a speakeasy in a flapper dress. Sitting in the audience of the concert when Harry Chapin recorded Greatest Stories Live. And yeah, maybe I’d go stand on the deck of the Titanic and feel the cutting wind of the North Atlantic against my upturned face. But I’d try to snag a seat next to Molly Brown.

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